Salvaging battery lipo battery pack

Good evening everyone. I need help in salveraging a 3S2P battery to a 2s2p battery. I have a almost brand new but I accidentally dropped and one of the cells got damaged. I want to take out one of the cell and made the battery a 2s battery. I opened it and noticed the job is not as simple as I thought it would be. The battery is in series and parallel. Pls refer to the pictures. Can someone give me some advice on how to do this.

Thank you.

Desolder all the leads lol, use a volt meter to find the damage cell. Make sure to desolder the balance leads first, its pretty easy to short them out and make a big spark with dangling battery leads

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You would need to take out 2 cells to make it a 2S 2P, if you multiply the S and the P it’s how many cells you have total, 3S 2P is 6 cells 2S 2P is 4 cells. At 2S I think your amperage is going to be really high and efficiency is going to be terrible, you’re very likely better off just replacing the battery (it sucks I’ve had to do it before too got a bit further in than you but ultimately not worth the effort).

im just hazarding a guess but from a glance it looks like the cells are ordered from 1 to 3 in pairs starting from the bottom with the negative lead. Only way to be sure is to use a multimeter and trace the anode and cathode of each cell.

Like @wafflejock has said its probably not worth it. The built in circuit board will probably stop working once you convert it to 2s and chances are you wont find a suitable 2s pack to pair it with from the same manufacturer.

If I take out all the cells and don’t use the circuit board would there be a problem? I am thinking of just disconnect all the cells and reconnect it in to a 2s2p battery. I have 6 of these batteries and I need a way to made a 10s battery. I don’t think this company made any 2s2p battery or 4s2p battery.

Note to self. Do not work on batteries late at night. I ended up taking out the wrong cells.

No there shouldn’t be a problem as long as you balance charge them some other way, which is what I assume that board was doing.