Same Gear Ratios with Different Amounts of Teeth

Currently I have a 14:36 gear ratio running on 97mm flywheels. I was curious to know whether a 16:41 gear ratio (almost identical) would provide any difference in performance.

So essentially I am asking whether a higher amount of teeth on gears providing the same gear ratio would affect performance in any way.

The only difference it would make is that it would stop the belt from slipping as much


And on the con side. Bigger size pulleys have more chance of catching on something or hitting the ground


It might make some difference in belt whine.

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Torque loss?

14/36= 1:2.57 ratio. 16/41=1:2.56 ratio.

You won’t have any difference in performance, like speed or torque.


I had the same question a few days ago. So does anyone know from experience what the difference it makes in sound, slipping, or any other factors?

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I varied between 15-18 tooth on motor. No difference in sound. Just more teeth grabbing on higher tooth pulleys

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Yeah I understand that the ratios aren’t identical which I stated in my OP. Was just using an example.

I would like to know this as well :slight_smile:

Bigger pullies are better. More teeth in mesh and more surface area. I would choose the biggest pulley you can fit on your wheel.


As @lowGuido said, bigger is better. I switched from 36T wheel pulleys to 40T wheel pulleys and noticed a decrease in slippage while braking.