Samsung 25R batteries

Hi, I’m doing my first build. I’m going to use:

Motor : Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190KV VESC

I’m looking to buy samsung 25R cells from battery bro:

or from nkon:

and use them in 10s configuration . They have a 20 amps discharge rate. How many packs in parallel do I need to output enough current? Is battery bro a reputable seller? Is nkon as good as batterybro?

3p is enough for the 25r. If the price difference is not too high get the 30q. They can handle 3p too.

I did a 10s3p with 25r time ago. Very cheap and works like a charm. I bought them from nkon if you buy from outside european union use for no VAT prices. 30q are newer and better. Consider them too.

I had a 10s3p 25r pack and hated it, the sag is huge. A 3p 30q pack is much better, 4p even better than that.

Isn’t the 30q’s discharge rate 15A, while the 25R has 20A? Why is the sag bigger in the 25r?

Mmaner I’m on 5p w/ the 30Q and I still hate it… I think it’s because my pack isn’t welded tho…

NKON is great if u are buying from Europe IMRbatteries is the best prices I have found for US buyers, nkon looks nice until u get to the shipping… to ship to the US u lose all those savings that make it worth buying from

not welded? so what holders did you use? whats your board and setup

vruzend 10s5p still sags


Depending on the load a 10s3p battery should be fine with 25R cells. Even though 4p prefered.

I want to point out that the price drop on the 25R through NKON is quiet significant, maybe try to find someone else in your region to buy more than 50 cells, this way you could safe some cash.

25rs are over, 30qs are under-rated. There’s a dozen topics about it, search and read and you will find that 30qs are the way to go.


i second that, you loose range through the sag. If it is budget you want i would go with LG HE2 (4p at least), if you were in Germany i could hook you up

holy MOLY, that is the v1.5 kit…not rated for high currents, they used steel i think in the bars…at least get the v2 kit, but still if you don’t want to weld go with N.E.S.E modules, people are very happy with them and i will soon have them too.


Go 30q or go home :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea I’ve had this kit since before the new one came out lol, I am about to weld a pack when I buy the nickel strip… I found a guy locally with a spot welder haha

I just bought hummies new board so I want to get a pack made for tht board and make it more stealthy

yeah if you want stealth you need the max wh/cm³ you can get and those are the 30q, i made some calcualtions even against 21700 and 26650, they may be cheaper or have more capacity but use more space. But as soon as the 21700 ect get manufactured more it will get though for the 30q

I don’t want stealth really… but the board that hummies is putting out is made for stealth lol… I’m still gonna rock a 10s5p or 12s5p just haven’t decided yet… I have 80 something 30Qs still (I sold some to vapers lol) c8baac6caa87ed4e66f06d17eafd26194f7849a3_1_666x500


aren’t there 3450mAH 10a samsung 18650 Or lg 3500mAH cells?

But I understand that Q30 is like the best capacity and current cell.

i am sorry you are right, i didnt consider them for eskate, since most don’t build more than 4p…space issues and weight of the board. Except for mountainboard people…these people are crazy^^

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lel^^ why withdraw, i thought it was funny