Samsung 25R Green and LG HE4 for $3.60 w/ free domestic shipping

I’ve been reading this forum for quite some time while putting together a plan for my electric longboard build. Recently, I have been trying to find a battery supplier. I have scoured every inch of google, and I just came across this gem:

Samsung 25R Green LG HE4

They offer what looks to be genuine batteries that are “ordered from Authorized Samsung SDI distributor” (quoted directly from their Samsung 25R page). Also, there is a 14-day money back guarantee.

Their price breakdown for both batteries is as follows:

10 batteries - $4.60 30 batteries - $4.20 50 batteries - $3.95 100 batteries - $3.80 500 batteries - $3.70 1000 batteries - $3.60

On top of all of that, they are based in the U.S. (Georgia Specifically) and offer free shipping to anywhere in the US. They do not ship outside the U.S.

This is, by far, the best price on these batteries I have seen anywhere.

However, I do not have the capital to order 1000 batteries. I only need 36. So, is anyone interested? If so, could someone make a group buy? I am not trust-level 3 yet, so I cannot make one myself.

Edit: I just heard from the site that we would have to ship to one address to get bulk prices, so whoever makes the group buy would then have to ship to the various people who ordered. This means that people out of the U.S. could join in.

So far we are at 141 batteries, which puts us in the $3.80 bracket (I will update this as more people comment)

I was going to get 30 by myself but if group buy is setup I’ll be glad to join

i might be keen for about 25, do they ship to australia?

Well if it goes thru group buy then someone would get all the cells and ship them out where they have to go

They do not. US shipping only. But @Just_esk8in’s suggestion is an option. You would have to find a willing and trustworthy person to do it for you tho.

Best deal I’ve seen other than the group buys on here:

Don’t have the same power as the ones above but still at these prices u can make a bigger pack and make up for it and have more total energy

@Pathaim Me and @racidon just did an order with for over 100 cells shipped to Aus. If they haven’t shipped maybe you could add some to the order.

The only one on there that would work for me is the 20Q. I would need 45 of them instead of 36, which would be cheaper by about $20 after shipping, but it would take too much space in my board.

Besides, all of those batteries came from fasttech. Fasttech was actually one of the first suppliers I went to, but they no longer deliver to the U.S.

I ordered batteries from them a couple weeks ago and got an email a week later saying that they could not ship batteries to the U.S. anymore. For 25R’s (which is what I want) Fasttech is actually more expensive than this new site anyway…

If you could get a bulk buyer I wanted to get about 50 cells for a new project coming up.

im down for 36

Does anyone want to do a group buy? I would be willing to pay a little for the effort.