Samsung 26j 10s8p for trade [EU]

Looking to trade 10s8p battery. The cells are made of Samsung 26j 18650 batteries. Discharge current is 42a and charge current is 21a. No BMS but there’s a balance connector attached. I had a smaller 10s6p made out of these batteries and it was working great and the range was amazing. I built this battery for a stiff deck but ended up buying a vanguard deck so it will not fit.

Looking for: Motors, Vescs, Smaller battery packs, Wheels Enclosures and trucks. I might be interested in different things so don’t be shy to make an offer.

I’ll upload pictures tomorrow.

is it a flat pack?


It has two stories.


A pic would be worth a thousand words Ok, tomorrow then.


I’m intrested.

Is this still up for sale or not?

It’s not for sale anymore, sorry.