Samsung 30Q 10s3p battery build | Therealesk

Has anyone use the NKON soldering tags? I’m thinking about using them instead of a spotwelder and soldering to a line if 10awg (12s4p) but I dont see the fishpaper ends. Can you add fish paper under the tags?


Are you going to spot weld 1 layer of nickel strip on the cells and then add 10 awg wire on the whole nickel strip?


Mhh, idk how many A a nickel strip is able to handel!?

I might go with 3-4 min on a 3p pack.

Bend it up, use fishpaper, bend it down. But I would check the thickness of the strips before

That depends on the size and thickness of your nickel strip, aaand if it’s real pure nickel or not.

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8mm X 0.15mm probably 12A. I honestly got no idea but a good thumb rule is 1 layer ofnickel strip (10mm X 0.15mm) for each cell in parallel.


I’m going to build it like he👈

personally I don’t really like how he builds his batteries. Balance cables on the side, no fish (except on positive side) paper and very little nickel strip.

Most people I see only use 1 layer of nickel on the parallel group and it works fine for them, but i’m really skeptical.


Okay, that means that i should use thicker nickel strips?

not thicker, but more than one layer

How would you build it?

That means two?

I would use copper instead of nickel after what @rojitor said

will make a diagram with nickel in a bit

I would probably do like that


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1 strip of nickel is mostly fine for parralel packs (unless it’s really thin.

Just do the resistivity calculation taking into consideration the length of nickel strip to copper wire with the maximum current draw. After doing that I came to the conclusion 1 strip was enough for my 4p pack.

But I also used 3 wires to connect my 4p pack to try and ensure an even current flow through all cells which reduces the current the nickel needs to carry.


But in the video, which he uploaded on YouTube, he also built a battery with just one nickel strip for each pack.

I reacently built my first battery, I used two pieces of 14awg wire, that way the current is spread more across the nickel parallel connection resulting in less heat generated. Here’s a few pics for examplesimage image image image image

I also used two balance leads one to the bms and one to the outside of my enclosure for easy monitoring

Ps. The welds look very dark, that is due to bad lighting and pieces of the welding tips being left at the weld site


Yesss, but you’re skeptical. Would it be better if I buy copper?