Samsung 30Q Batteries and Bestech 12s BMS

Everything has been sold.


batteries are awfully hard to sell and have people believe they are 100% as stated. if you can, provide a purchase receipt from when and where you bought them. It will help massively.

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Awesome good job bro

Updated battery price to beat any online price

Batteries for sale.

Still up for sale

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Would you consider selling the BMS for less? Not sure how much you were going to spend on shipping but $50 is full price, no reason to buy yours especially because it is used. ($7 for 2 day shipping)

I would offer ~$35 + shipping for yours

Your link is to the old model bms I think he has the new one

Still for sale?

The batteries sold for sure, they are sitting in my cabinet :grin:

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‎ damn