Samsung 30Q Deal for Singles Day

Hi All,

I stumbled upon this deal on AliExpress today, do you think it is too good to be true? Does anybody have ever purchased 30Q from this store?


link :

Each cell is 2.4 EUR, Nkon is 3.7

What is the recourse if they aren’t real and you find out after you’ve spent all the effort to make a battery and testing it reveals it doesn’t quite perform up to spec? Can you get your money back? What about all your time? What about the time you’re out a vehicle? Will they give you a loaner esk8? Is the seller in your country and legally reachable?

I don’t think it’s worth finding out. But that’s just my opinion.


Is what comes to mind


I looked at everything character by character, looks like they are trying to sell fakes, damn…image

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Samsung produce “INR18650-30Q” and these say “ICR18650 - 30Q” so there are 2 extra spaces and a different chemistry - lithium cobalt oxide instead of lithium manganese nickel

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2.4+taxes+possibly fake

nkon is 3.06 without vat so not much of a difference and you will get legit cells


I’ve bought from them. Its been a few days over a month and I still haven’t received them. Everything else I ordered at the same time as the batteries have arrived…

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Either you’ve been pranked or it’s just taking longer cos they are dangerous goods

is the best deal for 30q cells in usa these days

I think if you can wait for their slow shipping.

IMR has better prices

In the states: Lionwholesale for 100 or less, IMR for 100 or more (by 30Q cell price, shipping is somewhat equivalent)

NKON is considerably cheaper however shipping is a wreck ( at least 33$ to Los Angeles)

seems liion dropped their 30q prices