Samsung 30Q FAKE VS REAL

I am going to buy Samsung 30Q in coming days. I have searched for real vs fake reference none of them has latest information. Since its very common cell to people around here ; you guys can help me/ others to distinguish between real vs fake.

I would usually buy and test cells myself. But I have to pay almost 2.5 times the average price of cells and I have been saving money from long time, it would be great if someone from forum could provide some images of genuine cells with verification points on cells.


I think buying from reputable vendors will be the easiest way to ensure they are real.

I am not sure what your best option is for India but someone might have some insight for you here.


I would buy from trusted vendors from the forum here. But none of them ship to India those who do gets ceased by customs. I found one supplier and will be buying from him. He is a trusted seller (by many people i asked) still I am just having second thoughts on spending money

It’s like no matter where you live just get them from nkon and be safe.

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Edit: it’s actually

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He’ll run in to the same issue. I’m well aware of this nonsense @vishal_tejwani I lived most of my life in a country with strange import rules.

It’s hard for people living in free trade markets to grasp the idea that your goods can be seized and usually destroyed regardless of availability. Some close minded rule sets just don’t work, this is a good example.

Is there an esk8 community in India? Surely with the vast size of the country and the emerging classes there must be people riding over there? Perhaps they can give you some advice.

Is there a tldr summary? What’s wrong with getting them from nkon?

His batteries are seized at customs and destroyed because India want’s him to buy them internally to grow GDP. His consumer rights are literally non existent.

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Oh that sucks - then ignore my comment @vishal_tejwani and good luck finding a source for the cells.

Believe me , I have made and sold e-skateboards just soo that people would get familiar to ride them. When i started riding I felt like alien(due to people turning their heads to watch how is skateboard pushing itself) as for people around here eskate is very very unfamiliar

Couple of visual checks you can do

  1. All samsung cells have 3 prong tops see

  2. Font The “3” should be asymmetrical. The top of the three should be flat while the bottom half curves. The “D” should not have any portrusions behind the vertical line. Bottom cell is the fake

  3. Underside markings on the cathode. The pvc on real cells should be somewhat transparent and allow you to see some markings. Fake cells either dont have transparent pvc, or no markings at all.

These little visual checks only help, cells can still be fake. Coming from a sneakerhead background, I can tell you china can make fakes look more real than the legit. The only way to be sure is to get access to an electronic load and match discharge with the specs on cell datasheet.


49%20PM correct right?

also the text inside the wrap is visible or it is necessary to remove the wrap and check.


Yes to both :+1:

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thanks for your reply, really appreciate it. will probably buy them tomorrow and upload some pictures

51%20PM 21%20PM 12%20PM

these are few images i got from seller. looks genuine to me what are your thoughts?

I have asked for more photos, will upload them as soon as get them.IMG-20181010-WA0022 IMG-20181010-WA0021 IMG-20181010-WA0020IMG-20181010-WA0024

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@psychotiller @mmaner @GrecoMan

any thoughts? genuine or fake? …

Do you have any way of testing the cells?

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I can test them, but I haven’t bought them yet and 10cells is minimum quantity. Which is expensive for me to buy just for testing as i am getting them at 2.5times the average price.


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Honestly I think it’s pretty hard to say either way. I buy from IMR here in the states. I don’t deal with anyone for cells overseas. The key is to find a trusted source and stick with them.