Samsung 30T now in stock

Hey guys just wanted to give you a heads up, now has the impossible-to-get Samsung 30T, the highest discharge battery in the market, a 12S3P of 30T (105A total discharge) will blow away a 12S5P of 30Qs (100A discharge) even if you run them at 20A instead of the maximum 15A suggested by Samsung.

Another interesting battery is the new NCR20700C (30A and 3500mAh) even though they are unicorns they are outperforming the amazing NCR20700A (30A 3100mAh)


I had an email from fogstar saying they had them in stock at what looks like a pretty good price.


Group buy when?

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NCR20700A is just like a VTC6 with a slightly better thermal performance. And bigger. Dont know much about the C version.

But the samsung 30T is really impressive in the thermal side of things. Runs damn cool that one.

Edit: ok, not that much diff in temperatures between A and 30T, until you factor in the available amp hours at the high current discharges. The most impressive part of the 30T to me is how freaking stable the available charge is at all the different discharge rates. wow.

I was planning a 12s3p to upgrade mi eMTB but USD 500 for only 36 cells is still making me feel uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, Fogstar does not ship to Peru or USA


Yeah they only just started to ship to Europe

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Do you planning making Trampa enclosures supporting this battery :grinning: ?

I do have one trampa enclosure available for 21700 cells and 4 focboxes


I’m very tempted to try a 13S2P of 30T

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Damn that would be good

I think this build might be a fun test for my flipsky 4.12’s - I wonder if they will handle a 13s driven like it stolen :wink:


Wow these are amazing! They perform much better than other 21700 cells like. Also perfect if you want a small pack with good range and low voltage sag. These are little beasts <3

I found these at

The reason why I posted this is because they have a Deal of the Day price of $10.99 for these batteries.

First, does anyone have experience with this site? I have heard horror stories of fake batteries from places and this is my first build. Are these guys reputable?

Thanks, Chad

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What about this?

From what I read it comes from the same factory as the VAPCELL 20700 3000mah



This cells looks great but it’s again not available in USA and Fogstar won’t ship to USA. On the other hand I’d pay a little extra just to have 5A more discharge capacity with less sag for only 1mm more of diameter

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Yeah that sucks

Although, fogstar only shipped to the UK a couple months back and I think someone got it shipped to EU because they asked for it via email

But then again it’s a bit different

Also there’s one that’s similar to 40T chrome

Also this

I just bit the bullet and ordered 40 Samsung 30Ts, I’m going to build a quad setup on a Subsonic Century


Will these work on the ss sidekick @Eboosted

Anyone testet these?

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Those seems to be pretty bad only rated at 15A

The samsungs 30T can handle an insane 35A!!! that’s the king of discharge.