Samsung 33G Cells? 🤔

I was surfing the internet for good 18650’s when I came across this

At a staggering 3.256 wh/dollar, it seems a bit too good to be true compared to Sam. 30Q’s 2.611 wh/dollar. :star_struck: Output current seems really good for a low profile rider. :baby:t2: Have any of you guys tried this cells, or am I going to take the first dip? :no_mouth:

Also, I found this which seems to have a bit of discrepancy from IMR

The discharge is really low on those. 6.5 continuous while 30q is 15 or 20a… thats the problem.


I am planning on building a 10s5p pack with these which would give me a max of only 1kw but reaching 610wh of range. Range is something I look more forward to than speed(at least 25mph :ok_hand:t2:).

I guess… I still like the 30qs…


Then use MJ1 or 35E

You found a new? lower cap, lower discharge cell :yum:

A 10S6P with Panasonic NCR18650PF will give you a better battery that’s 44% cheaper


At 2.47 wh/dollar? nah…

You said you wanted range not speed, nothing about cost, so that’s what I replied to :wink:


I’ll make myself more accurate. I am the highest wh/$ cells. :hugs:

Don’t need to be more accurate, just accurate :yum:


Currently the Panasonic NCR18650PF is the winner, as-of the pricing update yesterday

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Lipos…? I bought 14 or something stupid 2.3Ah 4S lipos for $43

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lipo’s are too risky and have high capacity degredation.


How so buttboarder?

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They have more strict cycling rules: don’t recharge until 20% and don’t discharge until 80% for long cycles, put cells at 50% for longterm storage, thinner packaging, more sensitive to temperatures, and in general have a higher tendency to explode.

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Any restrictions on when I can and cannot plug the charger in makes an esk8 practically worthless to use as a “tool” versus as a “toy”

They have almost the same tendencies as Li-Ion. Lithium makes problems no “Poly”, plus 12 cells are way better on fire that 190 of them…

Sure, but tell me why no esk8 manufacturers use lipo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

evolve use, but mostly cause there is no ideal size cells to use, and order custom size is a problem.

Oh wait they do, but they have performance problems which lead to people here wanting 18650 moded packs. edit: Sike, they don’t. :smile: