San Diego - June 17 - BMX and Evolve

My buddy Joe is having an event, he’s the US Evolve Ambassador. Come ride off road. I won’t be able to make it because i have plans for that day. It should be a cool event. Eric at Shredlights will be there.

If you have a board awesome, if not …borrow his.

10am to 4pm

3170 Armstrong St San Diego, California 92111

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@Namasaki here’s a weekend one I’ll be riding Thursday nite a school nite if u wanna ride

I can’t do a night ride cuz I have to get up at 4:00am for work Friday and Saturday. I’m down for an afternoon ride Thursday or Friday if your available

How long you gonna be in Diego

Well, gonna head down tomorrow. But the only allotted esk8 time is meeting up with Shredlights and SocalLegend on Thursday night. ( planning the the take over of esk8 … JK) The rest of the days I’m with the fam…gonna hit up the County Fair…I can’t even make it to the Saturday Event at the Motobtrack on Saturday. Then it’s my kids bday on Sunday. And we head back on Monday.

And I’ll be up in Oceanside again

Happening today - bump :fist:t2:

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