San Francisco build advice [Dual motor, DIY, newbie]

Wow, yeah, I would say those hills are definitely of an SF caliber. The steepest hills here have steps on the sidewalk (it was extremely irresponsible by whomever decided to build a city on the land under San Francisco), but they’re rarer. That hill certainly speaks to the strength of the motor in your build, though.

Based on what I’ve read, I’m actually surprised your single 6374 is able to pull you up that hill. Now I’m seriously reconsidering the need for a dual-motor build in SF.

that board is awesome.

@bstheory yeah sorry dude the best way to connect to the bay area eskate community is through facebook, they just launched a webpage and brand as well, but the heart lives on facebook…all events are posted there and they ride almost everyday…it’s extremely active and some good people too…there isn’t another group in the country with as much real world experience riding the busy streets of a hilly city, period…they are getting more into DIY but they all started on store bought stuff and there’s even electric skate shops in town already supporting the demographic…There’s a few of us in Sacramento, Davis and Chico…and more starting up all the time…next long ride is in the east bay I believe on the Iron horse trail, 32 mile ride…can you keep up?

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@hummie I NEED THAT!!! hook a brother up yo…


You are correct sir, the wheelbase is the more important measurement, not the deck length…and I would say 34 inches is a perfect deck length, I cannot speak for anything shorter yet, but I do ride 32inch in bowls and pools (unpowered)…My favorite hybrid decks are 34-36 inches long, the bonzing super fatty comes to mind, more of a single kick, or the diet fatty which is even shorter…the trick is just making sure the enclosure fits within the wheelbase…oh and also it’s important to lower the angles or de-wedge the trucks when using such a short wheelbase…the super slider I am using performs better with some 215mm indy tkp trucks, so when I put on the Calibers I choose the 44 degree baseplates to at least get the feel closer what it should be for such a short wheelbase…its still very agile…turns on a dime with 44 degree Calibers and it would be too much if it was 50 degree…then you couldn’t go very fast without squiggly behavior… I choose a double kick deck, because this is made for attempting the skatepark (still need to get around to doing that with a better rider than myself) but a single kick is more appropriate for eskates due to the increases available enclosure room for the same size deck and the A-symmetrical way we ride them…