Sanding down a longboard with griptape?

Hello everyone,

I’m making my own esk8 but I have some questions about customizing my longboard. The result I would like to get is something similar as I saw on this forum a couple days ago:

I was thinking to buy a longboard, remove the griptape and sand it down to have a nice wood finish. I’ll use some spray to have enough grip afterwards and perhaps add a logo on the board.

I was thinking of buying the following board.

As I can get this board pretty cheap, I would also change the wheels to bigger orange ones, after mounting the trucks on the bottom. Do you guys think the wood under the paint and grip tape will have a nice look? Or should I buy a good looking wooden deck from the start? Or what do you recommend ?

Thanks in advance.

Note: This is posted on behalf of a friend.

It would probably be easier and cheaper to find a blank deck and then get a sheet of clear griptape to put over it.

You can use a heat gun to remove grip tape without having to sand it, the heat will release the glue and it will come off clean. You might need a little goof-off on the edges, but no need to sand to remove grip tape.