*SANITY CHECK* First build

just want to make sure my board won’t catch fire under my feet. Ive already ordered my battery (some price-glitched floureon lipos that i got (12 4s 5000mah batteries, not gonna use them all obviously but i want to do a 12s config)), BMS (60a 12s), power supply, ESC (vesc), wheels (83mm flywheel clones), trucks (sidewinders because fuck the status quo), and motor mount/pulleys/belt (generic kit from ebay that i’m gonna modify)

i was planning on running a 190kv sensored 6374 motor but apparently that’s waaaayyyy too much for my build. this would be fine if i limited the rpms in the VESC settings though, right?

the other two components i havent ordered yet are the remote (either a nyko kama with wiiceiver or a modded GT2B) and the deck (i was thinking a generic ebay deck)

I’m not sure im doing everything right. what am i doing wrong.

as long as you modify the mount to fit your trucks you will be good I believe. What pulley configuration are you doing?

my pulley config is 36t wheel 12t mototr

12S and 190kV shouldn’t go above the 60k ERPM limit, even fully charged so you should be fine there. Most people go lower to leave some headroom.

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Nyko kama is really hit or miss when it comes to reliability, usually miss from what I’ve seen here and tested myself. So I’d really suggest going for the gt2b.

And with a 12t motor pulley you should think of using an idler pulley to get more teeth in gear. Otherwise you run the risk of the belt skipping a lot.

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I suggest you use a skateboard bearing to lower the belt. This is because the teeth in mesh (the amount of teeth from the belt in motor pulley I believe) will be under 6, the recommended amount. I can’t quite explain it but people have done it.

He talks about it here.

and @Iceni talked about it as well above

good call on the belt tensioning. should be an easy modification. Thanks for the pointer man.