Sanity check on Vesc setting after motor swap

Howdy y’all. I’ve been busy skating and breaking boards. I’ve stayed away from the tinkering bench for awhile until now.

I swapped a pair of 6374 190kv 3250w motors (broke a magnet) for a pair of 6374 170kv 3550W motors (from Miami boards) .

The previous Vesc settings were perfect. I updated the hall table and the new settings appear to be good to go.

Should I adjust the other settings to protect battery and Vesc? Or are the motors so similar that it shouldn’t matter.

I’ve got a 12s4p pack rated at 50a. I’ll hunt down my Vesc settings if it helps.

I think if you’re keeping the battery the same and just changing the motors to a different/lower kv rating, no major adjustment is needed. If you were going to a higher kv motor it would be a different story. Would want to limit your Erpm’s to 60000 to protect your Vesc.

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should be fine.

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