Sanity check please: lipo meanwell charge setup

I’m going to charge lipos with the following setup: -Isdt 200w x 2 -Meanwell se-600-12 (soon to go in a vented pelican.) -charging 6ah 6s 50c (x2) and 10ah 6s 25c (x2)batteries. At different times. -10awg from power supply to chargers -12awg from charger to battery mains

Haven’t turned it on because I’m new to lipo world. Also:

-lipo Fire bag in mail -all PS bus bars are indeed covered with a plastic guard -I’m in the US, 115v ac selected -fire extinguisher with in 15 ft -I used volt meter continuity tester to verify AC ground, line, and a neutral.

I know I know I know, 18650s are safer better longer lasting. But soon, I’ll need all the Amperes right ducking now. image image image image image image