Sanyo 18650 GA vs Samsung 18660 30Q

Is there any aspect that the Samsung excels at over the Sanyo?

Is 10a okay for larger packs?

30q is the way to go right now. When you run this battery at 10a continuous you wind up with near the same capacity as 30q and 30q does good at 20a cont.


It depends on what you want to do. GA packs are great for cruisers and commuters that never run out of battery while 30Q are better if you want a high performance board and you want to be just accelerating hard and going fast all the time (or if you have very steep hills eg San Francisco)

I have both, and about 95% of the time I would be okay with the GA pack. Either board beats most of what’s out there but the 30Q pack will kick the snot out of anything.


The GA cells have a slightly higher capacity, but they don’t handle high discharge currents well.

At 2A/cell, they perform about the same as the 30Q but with some extra capacity.

At 5A, the 30Q already maintains a higher voltage all the way down to 3.3 volts, but the GA still has a little more capacity at the end if you want to go that low.

Above 10A, the 30Q maintains >0.1V higher all the way down, which means that even though the GA cell still has a slight edge in capacity (mAH), the 30Q actually has more energy (WH, which is AH*V).

At 15A, the capacity is the same, but the 30Q has the GA beat by almost 0.2V the whole way down.

TL;DR, go for 30Q unless you are going for >5p and want every single wh of range.


Roughly what percentage of range increase are we looking at with the GA’s would you say? Like 1-5% or like 20-30% more?

Depends on how much u load your cells…

If ga is loaded more than 5A per cell… the capacity / power somewhat diminishes for these cells…

Check specs l, if u really want to compare them…

for 4p and below I would use Q30 for 5p and up I would use GA

If I built a 10s2p battery like in this video but instead of using 25r I used 30q would that be okay?

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Well it all depends on how much your battery has to work. How heavy are you, hills and how long are these hills, motor, gear ratio, wheel diameter.