Sanyo 20700 cell vs samsung 30Q

Hi guy! Im looking to make my battery pack 12s5P/6P and im not sure about the cell that i will use , i was going for the 30Q but some people told me the sanyo are way better , even with lower discharge rate … at 12s5P will i feel the difference of discharge between those two? Or it will be pverall the same experience? I run raptor 2.1 hub motor , they take LOT of power … thanks !

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at 5/6p, heat on the raptor hubs will be a far bigger poblem than discharge rate of your battery. go with the 20700 for much longer range.

If you want more powerfull cells go for the Samsung 40T or Samsung 30T. They are around twice as powerfull as the 30Q and they will have less voltage sag than the Sanyo cells.

The 40T is only 33% better than the 30Q so depending on the cell dimensions and cost it might end up being that the 30Q is still the better battery.

Of course the battery you choose depends on the specs you want.

But the 40T is for sure a beast and packs great capacity, and it’s better than Sanyo’s discharge curve.

What is your battery you got at this moment @epss4 ?

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Lacroix has both, 10s6p 30q & 10s5p 20700. 20700 give more range and more charge cycles.

Hey man,

Im working at a new calculator aspecially designed for this.

Please check:


Nice job with the calculator man !! If a 12s5p fit with 30 Q in my enclosure, is the sanyo suppose tu fit as well ? I know they are bigger but is it much bigger??


The 20700 cells are 2mm larger in diameter and 5mm longer in length compared to the 18650. Point is these cells must fit in your existing case.


TLDR 30q for packs where space is not an issue

40T where space is limited this is looking money wise


Since space was not an issue for me i use 12s5p 30q on my trampa :smiley:

I will use the altar wedge from psychotiller