Sanyo 20700a cells for sale

So I’ve been dismantling a bunch of Sanyo 20700a power drill packs. Since my first pack, I’ve learned a new method of removing the cells safely without emanating any cells.

This cells can be spot welded or soldered. You can purchase them loose or on a configuration from me.

I am selling them for $13 per cell loose plus shipping. That’s cheaper than all eBay sellers, last I checked. There is a risk when taking these packs apart, the welds are so strong I ruined a few of the cells in the first drill pack that I took apart, since then I have found a new method of removing the cells with no damage what so ever.


Am I supposed to assume these won’t be in stock anytime soon?

Haven’t been in stock in months.

I have the experience that it´s sometimes better to twist spotwelded nickel apart better than ripping it of, when the welds are too strong.

If both twisting and ripping them of without a damage won´t help, i cut the nickel of and sand it down.

Yea exactly. Only issue is that these welds only come off cleanly with girding them down. Dremel and a cutting wheel does it every time now

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yep, it´s much better than ripping wholes in the cell :smiley:

Yup, expensive lesson on my part :slight_smile:

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Hi @barajabali I was curious about your vtc’s for the Raptor 2 did you notice a lot of difference torque wise?

Hey man, Theyre still coming in! Nkon takes forever.

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