Sanyo NCR 18650GA

Hey there, i just found this thread on ES. Tumich is selling 18650er for 3,79 each. That sounds amazing!

Do anyone have some experience with Tumich or these Sanyo NCR 18650GA cells?

I have 10s6p pack out of this cells from him (…huge range^^). Only thing i think you should do is going 5P or 6P cause they are only 10A discharge cells. another ES seller <.< this looks good too, if there were not that much cells

i have build 4x 10S6P batteries for evolve carbon replacements from tumichs GAs! he is a great reliable guy and the cell is the best high capacity cell on the market imo! but like nordle said: 10A/cell! works for very large skateboard battery projects :slight_smile:

What do you mean? he just sells 80 batteries. It seems as a good deal but i am located in germany… the shipping from austria will be a problem.

Thanks for the hint. I totally overread it. Well there is no information about the discharge on the ES thread so i could not read it ^^

I think at 10S you wont need 60A. I think we need less than 40A because the voltage get converted to ampere?

I easily hit 60A for a few seconds when I accelerate hard … with a single 6374! probably much worse for dual setups that youd have to limit to 20A each then!

for a 40cell battery, the GA wont work imo, it will constantly be on the edge, heat up and cycle lifetime will decrease. for 40cell layouts, go with hg2! the cell has become a lot cheaper too, can ger it for 5€/cell @ nkon nowadays! 3-4months ago it still was 7€!!

May i ask how did you do that, replacing the lipo and inserting a new battery? Did you throw everything out (battery, charging port, bms) and added your battery pack with bms and vharging port?

I think it would be better to use a 10S6P from the Sanyo than 10S4P from the HG2 because it would be

  1. cheaper

  2. better range

  3. downside: heavier

been pushing my vanguard really hard lately and on my last runs the battery was slightly more than handwarm - and thats an 80A continuous 40cell HG2 battery with oversized wiring!!

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wellwell, larger batteries are nearly always better, but: for how long do you think you can skate? I hit 35-40km on average with my 10S4P and usually I got enough of skating by then! :smile:

also, for continuous current, the hg2 would still be better!

the GA is perfect for the evolve. low power application cruiser board for relaxed touring! thats why I chose the GA for the carbon replacement. for other boards that might not fit - depends on what you want to do!

Thats true but i am still thinking:

Longer range for better price? Why not? I dont need to skate it until it is depleted…

Do you have any other argument why i should stick to HG2?

the available room under your board? :sweat_smile:

Could you tell me the measurements of your 10S6P pack?

yea, with 18650 = 18mm diameter, 65mm height, youll end up at:

2x 6.5cm = 13cm width 30x 1.8cm = 54cm length

if you pack them flat like me … I just dont like bulky enclosures. you can of course fit such a large battery if you pack triagonal or so …

I could have calculated that by myself but it will be slightly bigger (wires, etc.). Thats why i am asking you about the exact measurements.

I’ll just add 5 cm to the length and width and it will be ok. Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve got another idea right now:

If i build a large capacitor bank it should compensate the heavy load for the GA cells?

think for a rough check these dimensions are perfectly fine. usually width ends up slightly wider (13.5-14cm) while the length is exactly like calculated.

cool, lets do physics!! :smile_cat:

energy stored in a capacitor: 0.5CU^2. I build a capacitor bank of 6x 2200uF = 13200uF caps, that was already fairly large, this stored the energy of 11.6Joule @ 42V, so best case with max charged battery.

now, to accelerate a mass of uhm, lets say 90kg (you with clothes + board) from 0 to lets say 10m/s (36kph), it takes the energy of 0.5massvelocity^2 = 4500Joule, so about a factor of 50 short!

lets see what we CAN do with 11.6Joule: 11.6 = 0.5 * 90kg * velocity^2

<=> velocity = 0.5m/s = 1.8kph

so yea, not super convincing and like I said, 6x2200uF caps is already pretty large:

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I am really undecided… :disappointed_relieved:

PS: The only question i need to ask myself: Do i have enough space? Should i consider something else too?

if you really want to go for 10s6p, then hg2 is probably overkill unless you want to go for a really highpower dual drive!

how many and which motors & escs do you want to use?

@whitepony VESC for sure and three builds: One build with dual SK3 149kv (at the moment single motor) One build with dual Jacobs Hubs One build with single SK3 213kv

PS: Less max continous results a longer life?