Sanyo UR18650F-26A any good?

Turns out I’ve got a whole lot of Sanyo/Panasonic cells at work we were supposed to throw away. Are they any good? Would a 10s3p hold up for my twin 6355 build? They seem to be maximum 5A max discharge. Too weak?

how many exactly? if it’s in the hundreds you could send them out to users on this forum. I’m sure someone can make use of them

i’m not qualified to tell you if theyre good tho

No, more like 150. I’d like to use them for a Vanguard build of mine and maybe for a e-mtb in the future.

They come stacked in 14s3p in a Nokia UPS for mobile base stations. Have been thoroughly charged and maintained for 3 years before beeing exchanged.

Tooo weak! You’re gonna need at least like a 10s6p or 8p and even at 8p that only gives you 40amps Cont which is just barely enough for dual drive

Are they new?

If they’re new and in the US I may be interested in the whole lot

They’re not new and not in the US. What would you use them for?

I was thinking back up battery for the house or bike battery

I would repurpose the cells to create a personal battery bank.