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Saterno Drop Through | Caliber 2 Fifty | SK3 6374 192v | 8s | Alien Drive Mount | 120a ESC

Hi guys,

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Rene, I’m a web and iOS developer from the Netherlands. In my spare time I build, fly and crash quadcopters.

A while ago I bought a longboard to get the snowboard feeling in the summertime. Recently I discovered this awesome forum and decided to build my own electric skateboard. This is my first electric longboard build

The parts I used:

  • Saterno Drop through longboard
  • Caliber 2 Fifty trucks
  • Seismic Speed Vent 85mm wheels
  • Alien Drive Kit Motor mount with 36T x 12T drive pulleys
  • Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192v
  • AeroStar Advance 120A ESC (I know, should have bought the vesc ;))
  • 2x Zippy Compact 4s 5000mah in series
  • DIY Electric Skateboard On Off High Voltage Anti-Spark Power Switch 2-14S
  • TorqueBoards 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller
  • Battery indicator display
  • 2x ABS covers from Alien Drive Systems

Some pictures I took during the build

I re-aligned the belt after this picture was taken

First test ride


Very nice build!
And welcome to the awesomeness that is e-skating.

You had me at the crash…


Nice build @sanka ! Could you share more about your battery configuration? I see that you’re running the batteries in series to increase voltage (I do the same) but you’re clearly not opening up the box for charging. You’ve got the balance leads external, so how do you switch the wiring during charging?

When I want to charge my batteries I disconnect the leads going to the esc. I made a series adapter on the wires going to the esc. When that adapter is unplugged, all there’s left are 2 xt60 connectors to charge my batteries.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

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Oh got ya @sanka! So the series adapter is somewhere inside that second enclosure (the one with the battery indicator in it)?

@treenutter I used 2 xt60 connectors (glued together) to create the series adapter. That adapter plugs into the connectors you see on the outside of the batteries enclosure.

Little hard for me to explain as English is not my native language, but I hope you understand it now :smiley:

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Thanks @sanka I understand. That was a good idea! You may want to find rubber covers for the exposed balance ports; dirt and water could get in there and ruin them.

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that esc. how are the brakes? its not a car esc is it?

@treenutter’s right. That particular spot on the board is prone to dirt wash from the front wheels. At the very least, just put a strip of tape over them or you’re going to get some nasty grime filled ports.

This is a pretty sweet ride!

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@barajabali No brakes, will be upgrading to a vesc soon

@treenutter @longhairedboy thanks for the tip, hadn’t thought of that!

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Nice build!!
Goed gedaan!! Ik hou echt van de TORQUEBOARDS motorsteunen . Ik ben opgewonden om te zien een ander persoon die een zeer koele elektrische skateboard! Welkom!!
I’ll bet your English is better than my Dutch. LOL