Saying hello! Dutch neewbie

Hi all!

I am JJ, I just bought a second hand Carbon GT and am loving it!

Living in Holland makes my hobbies as surfing and snowboarding something of a holidays only activity.

So cruising on a esk8 when picking up the kids from school or shopping is really great fun.

My GT seems to spend more time on the charger then on the street though.

So looking for a new evolve battery turned into looking for un upgrade battery, which it seems is now turning into replacing the evole hardware as well.

As I am not a tech guy (not sure wich end of the soldering iron to hold) I will be looking for someone in or near Holland to upgrade my GT.

First I will read more on what road to take to upgrading and try to decide the extent of my upgrade.

Looking foward to having a proper esk8.




Parhaps Like many folks realise, making DIY battery pack isn’t easy and your first attempt will probably suck… and you need the right equipment… so You need to find someone local who knows how to make a good battery…

The other electronics are relatively simple.