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Scarlet Cruiser | Long Haired Boy Scarlet deck | Dual R-SPEC | Space Cell | VESC

This build is to sell. It’s going to be for my first “showroom” complete, and since I have a thread already for the press I built to make this deck, I thought it fitting that we all see where it goes from there.

  • LHB Scarlet deck with inlaid motor phase wires on 5.5mm bullet connectors.

  • those nasty 63mm R-SPECs from Enertion in a dual drive configuration on 180mm Caliber II blackouts stacked on red half inch risers with red bolts and nuts.

  • bones reds bearings in 83mm flywheel clones

  • enertion pulleys and belts, will let you know when I settle on a ratio as I got two different motor pulley sets with my order

  • SPACE CELL 270 wh power pack

  • dual VESC

  • custom box (this thread may include me creating the box form as well since it will be used to make the boxes I use with these decks from now on and will be included as an option in my shop when buying the decks)

  • venom double barrels (half set as I’m keeping the stock caliber barrels and tossing the cones)

To wrap up this initial post, here is the requisite skate porn:

There will of course be plenty more.


Nice! My mounts are looking oddly similar to Enertion’s though…Haha!

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Your mounts are definitely going on my future builds. I have to unload these first though because I’ve been sitting on them for months now. I’m also using the VESCs from enertion this time around as well, but I think I’ll have to make fewer mods if I get them from @chaka next time, so that’s probably what I’ll do moving forward.

It’s hard having to do so much of this on paper instead of just having a ton of parts laying around to try out. lol

I like the build! What is the center to center distance on that mount?

Pully center to center? Looks around 72mm with the motor plate fully extended, based on my rulering.

That’s actually a good thing for my shenanigans…I want to offer the 60t pulley as an option for my pneumatic hubs. This would make it possible. My mounts are too compact for that big ass pulley as it would bump the motor pulley.


Sculpting the box form from a shaped peice of lumber and a section of one of my deck blanks.

It’s looking like I’m going to have to glass this one. My ABS sheets are too short by only about 4 inches, and these sheets only come in 24" increments best I can tell. blargh

I really should be waiting until I have s VESC in my hand to start this but I don’t get much time to work on this lately.

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Liking the look of this… looking like its going to be a sweet build :ok_hand:

Great looking mold @longhairedboy ! I’m sure you’ve thought of this; but why not make the box in two pieces with ABS like @psychotiller does?

@psychotiller great idea to make a 60T pulley for the new wheels; I use 14T/60T and I really like the way it performs!

Yeah, I think it would make for some really torquey rigs.
Look up versahub pulleys. They have 42 and 60t pulleys that bolt right up to my wheels. They are glass reinforced plastic and are proven as durable as metal.
Was also thinking about testing chain and sprocket setups soon too. I think if we used sealed roller chain and stainless sprockets it would sound cool.

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Would be cool if the 60t wheel pulley had holes to fit Onda wheels also.

Maybe an option?

I’m not making the pulleys, I’m buying them. They do have holes in them. You guys should check them out!

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@psychotiller Their 60T pulley is $5 USD ! That certainly changes things. I paid ten times that for the one I’m currently using. AND it’s flanged OMG I think I’m in love!

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And I hope you noticed it can run 9mm or 15mm belts! And they have spacers that are concentric to keep everything centered up when spacing the pulley away from the hub. Super light in comparison to all other pulleys too.

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My abs sheets were two short for the form. I decided to glass it instead but now that I’m two layers of cloth in I’m hating it already.

I think I’m going to get some bigger sheets of abs.

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Is there a female side to the mold so you can press it?

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I noticed! This is one of those times when I’m trying to contain my enthusiasm until I’ve got them on a build; it kinda seems too good to be true (and yes I realize how nerdy that is to say about a plastic gear!)

They’re strong! They show less wear actually than all of my metal pulleys

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no there isn’t. It started out as a vac mold form and then i realized i didn’t
t have enough play in the plastic so i decided to glass it at the last minute and now my porch is stinky and i hate the box i ended up with. So i’m just going to finish the form up as i was going to originally and find some larger sheets of abs to work with.

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