Scarpar Snowboard Thing

Have you guys seen this?

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This article is from 2013:

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The company appears to be defunct. Their website is a ghost town.

I’m curious about how it steers. I saw a video of an earlier version that bent I’m the middle to curve like a train. On this one I think the track rollers articulate to deform the belt into a cone shape. It is controlled by leaning but it doesn’t seem to physically lean over very much.

In general it seems overly complicated but it made me wonder…

Hmm? See what I’m thinking?

Awesome concept. I really want (to build) one :slight_smile:

The company seems to be suffering from…not actually delivering anything? Vaporware? Everytime they update, they said “shipping in (9-12 months from current date)” Starting at least in May 2010 (from their Facebook posts) Their last 3 Facebook posts were:

  • Dec 2016: “works great on very soft sand … more in January …”

  • April 2016 “It’s been a while, but we haven’t been standing still. Key message: shipping into Christmas 2016 looks doable. We have a few things to sort, but everything is lining up.”

  • June 2015: “Thanks for your patience … here’s a bit of an update. Firstly, yes, we are still alive. Tough year in 2014 but we got through and have signed a joint venture agreement with a very large Chinese manufacturer. They are a scale manufacturer shipping over a million products a year already… The current schedule sees us shipping for Christmas next year. Actually, it’ll be in stores October 2016 if we don’t get any slippage. A completely revised electrical system, now 80v rather than 48v, and an almost complete mechanical re-design mean there’s a lot to do. We aim to be back into testing on the revised platform by late this year.”

Thanks for the info. I live in Alaska and it’s super super snowy here right now so this concept caught my attention.

I would feel so bad ass riding into work on my motorized snowboard!

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dude bro. AK love. Im from the banks myself…now reside in sunny espana…check out some of the trampa builds with chains or zip ties

Hey brother dude! I’m down in Sitka.

I will look into what you mentioned. It is pertinent to my interests.

Here’s a pic of some chains I put on my motorcycle recently:

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I found this pic that a user named Riako posted!

Did you make this board, @Riako? Where does one get treads like that?


It looks kinda like regular tyres strapped to three small rollers.

Ji Pstrap, it the frensh marque named Willozboard who made it (I used à weld motor mount on Vertigo trucks made Willoz, and see this carzy pict on a frensh forum)… can’t tell you more

contact him :

Check out @Duffman’s monster build. He’s got photos and YouTube videos floating around this forum, but no build thread yet.

Or, if you can read German, I think?

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Thanks for the information Reiko! I might reach out him at some point once I learn a little more.

That’s pretty awesome! Thanks for the link, Mobutusan. Do you know what kind of tires those are on that thing?

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Did you build that Journ?!

No, this is my 4WD ‘monster’. I promise that I"ll do a buildlog when I find the time…

Please do, Duffman! I look forward to it. Awesome vehicle!