Scheisse-Wagen A.K.A The Ebay Special <£250

Im gonna start off saying this build has taken since last August to find and order the parts at these prices. PARTS: no name 5065 270kv 36v motor £27.29 no name pulley kit for 7052 size wheels 16/48 £7.99 no name 5065 motor mount £13.08 MegaDyne 252 3M 9mm belt £4.92 FlipSky vesc 4.12 £45.76 CoolStep Scrub 70mm 82a cruiser wheels £15.99 Atlantic Rift complete 41"x10" drop down £39.99 2x Turnigy 3S 2.2Ah lipo in series for 6S £39.98 Assorted crap i already have from rc cars £10-£15 Winning clone 2.4ghz remote with receiver £22 I will update the post with links to all parts edit:turns out those are the only links that are still valid but i will search for the others later VESC SETTINGS: Soft cutoff 21v Hard cutoff 19.8v Max motor amps 40A Max brake amps 30A Max battery amps 40A Max regen amps 30A Max absolute amps 130A Min duty cycle 5% Max duty cycle 95%

Measured max speed 24Kph Average max speed 19Kph

done about 50km so far and nothing has failed or caused any problems

Scheisse-wagen is meant for direct translation as in shit-wagon


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It is actually german for shit. But in some context it can mean fuck. Such as in Scheiß drauf! Its literal meaning is shit on it but it translates into english as Fuck it! Screw that.

flipsky vesc link added

also wondering what the best top coat is for when i spray the deck purple this weekend im also gonna sand all the 3d printed covers and spray them pink

i would use fuck as a verb…with this board youre probably fighting the ladies off with a stick :sunglasses: