Schematics - is it ok?

Hi. Will sb tell me if it will work?

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Looks good, in the ppm y splitter make sure you cut the 5v wire from one of the foc boxes, some also cut the extra ground wire but I haven’t

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Make sure that the voltage difference between the two battery packs is small, otherwise the battery pack with high voltage will charge the battery pack with low voltage, and the current is very high because the internal resistance of the battery pack is very small.

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I have got 4x 30C 8ah 5s li po packs.

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Use a multimeter to test the voltage of the four battery packs to ensure that the voltage difference does not exceed 0.1v.

your battery is in parallel, don’t have time now but I’ll try drawing it out later.

he has 2x 5s in series , then he has that in parallel with another 2x5s in series. looks fine

oh I see didn’t know what each pack S count was



wait, are you going to balance charge each P group? kind of a hassle…

What do you mean?

why do you split the ppm instead of using canbus?

Because some people claim that it is simplier and less risky. Btw. using split “y” do I need to ground one of the wires? If so, how do I do it? By simply cutting (1) middle wire off or sth like that?

Connect all wires in parallel and then just cut the second 5v/ red wire from the focbox


Just one last question.

Would it be good if my batteries were separated? I mean only vescs would be connected in a radio receiver but batteries would be only connected in series (2x separate sources of energy, one for each vesc, two anti-spark switches etc.)

Or maybe I shouldn’t do it for some reason?

I have got e-mtb 10s 2x 192 kv sensorless motors and 1:4.55 reduction.

Sth like that