School final project

Hi I’m a student from Belgium and as final project I really wanna to make my own electric longboard, But I want a professional look on it just to be sure.

I want to use this motor:

And cotroll it with this ESC:

And these battery’s 2 in serie:

I dont understand, are you looking for help?

I just want to know if this combination is possible excually

Yea, the parts will work together, but you wont be able to use the motor’s max potential. What kind of speed and range are you looking for?

If my calculation were right, i would have a range of 10-12 Km and a topspeed of 30 Km/h

I think you will find the top speed a little lower, but it all depends on gearing. The range seems realistic, you may even Get up 17 km on flat

Oh thx for the support!

Sent you a pm :wink:

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