'Sco Ducks | Jet Spud 29" | Hummie Hubs | 11S3P | Dual FocBox

Yes, the point of sensors is to have smooth startup, if you don’t , jittery start up is what you get.

Surprised you had enough space to use the tunnel risers conventionally, can i see how the wires are managed in that little space with everything bolted on?

I get pretty good start withou sensors at 100 motor amps. Pretty much from standstill silent n smooth.
A spark? Best to run on the bldc tool n get those numbers

Is this the angle you’re looking for? All six phase wires lay flat as they enter the enclosure IMG_5165


Ur close. Maybe just send them. Unless the spark was a freak piece of debris rubbing …I’m curious.

That’s a really nice build, I like the colors!

Do you find the DKL grip tape any good? I’m considering purchasing 2 sheets of this grip tape and would like to get some reviews on it. Thanks!

I think it has plenty of grip for my needs. It’s so much nicer to hold than the sandpaper types. Main drawback is that it seems to leave a bit of a sticky edge around your board. Sanding the edge may help (it came w/ a piece of sandpaper) but I had already painted my deck and didn’t want to sand the edge off ruining the paint, so that may be why I’m having things stick to the edge particularly. It’s also only just over 9" wide, so it may not cover your whole deck unless you break up your design (like I did). And it’s not long enough for some longboard decks, too.