Scoo_B_SK8 | 3D printed parts | VESC | 6S 5000mAh 45c lipo | single drive 325kv

My 1st attempt at ESK8 build…

All parts were made to be “non-intrusive” to the board itself.

Have had board up to 30/mph… more comfortable cruising around 20/mph so thats wear my gear ratios are set.

Motor Mount…(caliber II trucks)

Motor_Mount2 …2 long bolts run through the length of mount and TPE spacers in between top and bottom pieces.

Battery, VESC, Receiver case…

…mounts top side onto rear trucks (caliber II)

Add-on HM-10 Bluetooth case… HM_10 …mounts behind Receiver

Spur/Motor gear… Motor_Pulley … i use a prop adapter to fit pulley

Wheel gear… Wheel_Pulley to motor shaft

Belt… Belt …15mm

im cleaning up some .scad files for customization, will post them if any are interested.

Thanks for the look, Cheers!


Definitely an unconventional setup, i like it! What were your motivations for going this route?

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Dont print your motor mount, it is going to break and you will just do more damage than the cost of a normal metal motor mount

You printed your own belt? How is that holding up? What material is it? Very impressive indeed!

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Why do you say that? Many people have success printing mounts, me included.

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I have seen some break here, I still believe that 3d prints can not replace metals in cases where there’s a lot of force around, going with metal on the mounts is easier, they will be smaller, and more robust but a bit more expensive

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@Der6FingerJo Motivation for this build… well this site for starters, I had a 3D Printer already, didn’t have a CNC machine, thingiverse, wanted something to cruise by city lakes after work and something to get me to the store(s) for coffee and what not.

@Acido i agree that when “pushing limits” on an ESK8 board, 3D printed parts (mainly motor mount) may not be up to snuff like its metal counterparts. How ever what it does, besides being fun to ride, gives me an inexpensive (relatively speaking) platform of introduction to the sport and will prepare for the next build.

@TheFluffiest the belt is printed with TPE. have used TPU but found it to be just a little to flexible. TPE Belts are decent as long as your not having slippage issues otherwise parts get “Paddled” down.

another note on my Drive-System… i use a modified T5 15mm (trapezoid)

Posterity sake my final design of motor mount has over 100 miles on it and still counting. (6 reinforcement bolts help).

Example of why PLA or higher might not work out… had a PLA mount with no bolts in Desert Palms, California last summer… was so hot, came out to car midday and found the mount looking like a banana. didn’t even have the belt on it. We dont have that problem here in Minneapolis, MN.

Wait what. You 3D printed your entire drivetrain?? Wth man… how has that not torn itself apart already?? I mean, props to you if you made it work, but I can’t say I would trust it.

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If you get “synchronous timing belts” at they are very cheap and you will have much better luck with those

for example a “250-5M-15” means it’s 250mm long with 5mm tooth spacing (50 teeth) and 15mm wide

@Clonkex one of my earlier belt designs taking a dive… loosened tension (hence the scream) and thickened it up on next print and that’s still whats on it to this day.

@b264 got a mount and belts coming from @Boardnamics


didnt (couldnt) wait for your reply on the other topic :smiley: props man, that is freaking awesome, even if its a lower powered set up. Still mighty impressive.

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Well done with the build!, but please change that motor sprocket to like 15T. You will have much better acceleration, and way better efficiency,

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I thought you were joking and people were being sarcastic when they said that you printed your belt

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Trust me… I’ve tried a few things out before coming to my conclusions.

These will be going through the filament recycler.

my “X thing”


Not just 1 boner but 2 boners! (inbound).

funny thing about the word “boner” (via google)

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Got one on way… probably need another huh.

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…and YESssssss!