Scooter / Longboard convertible

Hi All,

Has anyone tried to build a convertible longboard that would let you attach a steering handle like a scooter?

I think it can be really useful for beginners and people who don’t feel comfortable to ride longboard in every occasion.

Basically, it would mean; Replace front truck with front wheel and steering setup of scooter.

I have actually seen this idea before. Pretty crazy.

@mclightning check out adapt freestyle products

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What @treenutter said

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I’ve seen a craigslist ad for a longboard with some sort of cane attached to the front trucks. it wasn’t a steering wheel, but looks like a cane with a bit of a grip attached to it. I can’t find it on google. It looks much more compact than an actual scooter handle.

Look up K2 Kickboard. I used to have one and loved the way it turned. Somewhat like a skateboard by leaning. It has a handle that is straight with a ball on top. It had a lot of control. Someone needs to make an adapter that can be mounted above the truck on the deck, my wife would find that useful. Just screw the handle off when not used

Yeah, I still have a K2 kickboard. It’s great

@caustin Is it electric?

Not yet, maybe next build!

I’m too fat, I cracked the back wheel of the original one. then the Revo came out but was recalled