Scramboards - Faulty vesc

Hey all

I bought a vesc from scramboard. After connecting everything i had no life in the board at all. Thought it was a remote problem at first so connected the vesck to the computer and ran the software. Getting the error code DRV8302. I have tried to contact scram boards but they will not respond to any emails. There is no number on their website?? Dose anybody know a number to contact scram boards? Dose anybody know how to fix the vesc (Im in the UK) Don’t know what to do about the scram boards

I feel your frustration, but you should be able to get a response from Mr. Andrew.

andrew macdonald [email protected]

I’ve had to have both of my VESC’S replaced for a complete E-MTB. It took awhile (I’m in the United States), but I received my replacement.

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Did you get a responce from them? I Have been waiting for a week for a response for a simular issue.

Just keep nagging and reminding with e-mails he is well slow

so, did you solve your problem ? I 'm about to buy a kit from them, and am curious about their business… how reliable they really are…

Scramboard is selling Maytech VESCs and motors. I bought their set on January and started with one VESC completely dead. It took some time before I made a contact with Maytech’s engineer and they decided to fix my dead VESC, but I needed to pay for shipping, so it was 45USD to ship it from Norway to China, and then, over 20USD to get it back to Norway…ridiculous…

If I will have to make an opinion about their VESCs, then I will say that you should avoid them. VESC by Maytech is poor soldered and made with the cheapest components. I got 3 VESCs from them on my Mountainboard, and 3 of them are dead already (it was sold to me as a “set” with 6374 190KV motors that are pushing them way over the limits in my opinion).

Maytech is very proud of their products, they are always showing me positive feedback posts somewhere from the internet, and in their opinion it is always customer’s fault when VESC will fry, even though I sent them screenshots with my setting and everything was ok with that :slight_smile:

I can understand, that their VESC is 85USD, but you should think twice before you will buy it, because in my case, I spent over 250USD on their VESCs so far and they are all dead and useless…exactly as my board