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Scramboards "Sealed casing" 63mm outrunner brushless motors 300 kv

Specifically designed for electric skateboards with japanses bearings. Dust and debris will enter the large motor holes in normal outrunner brushless motors are motors are sealed to prevent this maintaining power, reliability and longevity.

300 kv is a little high for an electric skateboard

I wonder if cooling won’t be an issue.

@delta_19 I agree, but Scramboards seems to focus on electric mountainboards, which can have huge reduction ratios because of the 8-inch wheels they use, so 5:1 or more is possible. I’m guessing that the high KV in a build like that works out pretty well, and with a ton of torque to get around on trails.

uh… this is sort of a bad idea for street boards on thanes. A high KV like that would be better suited for 6S or 8S and then you’re dealing with larger currents and lower voltages which mean more heat so cooling could be an issue with this.

Not to mention i’ve had water, mud, bugs, sticks, and even panties caught up in my motors with no issue on a few different brands of motors, so sealing up the can like that isn’t much a a value-add.


Well let me partially correct you there. I know a guy who does giant scale 3D RC Planes with gas engines in them. He does electric conversions as well and was looking for a large out runner. I pointed him to Enertions and he picked up a 6374 size and had 65 volts going through that 6374.
Heat wasnt an issue because of the cooling it receives as air passes over the outrunner and it was out in the open. Outrunners have better natural cooling and if they are sealed you lose a lot of the benefits. Now he is working on one of the hobbyking $400 outrunners and making it handle even more volts. heat will be an issue in a sealed 300kv

I just ran numbers through a calculator i found a while back (cogs.xls). 65v (16s?), 190kv, 12t/36t, and 77mm wheels puts me at 31mph. I wonder how different that would feel getting up to speed. I’m currently using 245kv, 36v topped out at 25mph. I don’t need more speed on these little wheels, but 300kv without changing my gears or voltage would require MORE AMPS to get up to speed…right?