Scratch board build

ahahahah that’s amazing!

Isn’t it tho

About to cut the board shape, then heat and bend the 30° nose and tail :D… still can’t believe I got this 33"(838mm)x9"(228.6mm)x1/2" (12.7mm) polycarbonate piece for free (upon further inspection one is poly, one is acrylic so… I guess I only have 1 viable board the other idk what ima do with)


Get a vesc 6 from trampa or that other guy who is selling them here for 130£

I was thinking about getting an APS dual motor kit, would the vesc 6 be better in your opinion?

Well if you are going dual 2 vescs will be okay if you ask me since you will not be drawing as many amps with one motor

Take a look at the vesc 6 here for 130£ its definetly worth it, seller says he tested it for quite some time without problems

I’m going dual motors

Its not even a question If the Vesc 6 is better performance vise, but it is so fucking expensive and overkill for most setups

Well I’m going to be running a 12s12p setup so… I’m already pretty over kill… and idk much about the vesc 6… I’m still learning and reading up on the vesc 4.12

12s12p and Vesc 6’s is not what most people see as scratch :wink:

A guy here sells them for 130£ about the price range of a focbox

What do u mean? I was referring to the actual board not the whole setup, ima be making a fiberglass, carbon, and polycarbonate version

Aha, then I understand :wink:

@Acido They’re fair bit more expensive, especially If you ordered focboxes from the cyber monday sale. 150£ vs 72£

Yea, I listed the other specs just to get opinions and recommendations

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why i have the feeling, that i will see one day this build on Braille Skateboarding - you make it we skate it :joy:


It’s already been done on there which is why I have confidence in it lol… if those guys can abuse PC on ramps… the street cruising will be no issue lol

I used Metal flat bar I had laying about to give the board less flex but still flex enough to be usable until I get the motor trucks made

Testing placement of led strips before committing them… I don’t like the current placement but figur3d I would share how it looked

![20180131_192426|666x500] (upload://sxWlIO7wkAiLyk2jVBHXvESKEeB.jpg)

Tomorrow the 2nd motor arrives and then I have to order the 218mm truck kit