Scratch board build

10s10p, 100 cells in a nice little arrangement, electrical tape is just for holding them together while I figured out how I was gonna arrange them… I like this arrangement, now ima design a case and find a 10s bms…

P.s. the same arrangement can be used to make a 12s12p pack and still fit on this board with no added height

Why do you have some cells lying down and some standing?

@PXSS Minimize the max height

@PXSS, because he is a happy camper and obviouly doesn’t give a … !

Lol its for the enclosure im using,

It has rgb led strips with a key fob and set up to “breathe” has other features too but I like this color and the breathing effect

Also, psychotiller 6 shooters will be here in the morning, and the only reason I finally had time to wire up the LED’s and upload this pic is because this board decided to throw a piece of glass at me and cut my hand down to the bone cruising at 20mph hahaha… 5 stiches later…

Thanks blitz and why did u withdraw ur comment?

So wheels got here… and nearly killed me… my drive wheel split during the 1st test run belt is now janky… and another wheel lost 2 of its bolts…

@psychotiller do you locktite the wheels before you ship? They seem sturdy but nothing should back it’s way out before you hit the end of ur street

That being said… I live the look and feel of them and the ride was smooth until it failed

P.S. what’s the thread pitch and bolt size? I have to go buy some new ones so I can get back on the road

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Is it normal for trucks to warp after a couple months?

Torqueboard trucks, hard to see with wheels on but u can see the steady decline in thane on these 100mm wheels… My rear wheels look like I have a camber kit on my board -__-