Scratch resistant lid for enclosure

Hey guys, for my board I’ve used 2 5s 8000mah Zippy FlightMax’s and so that’s why my enclosures so big. To the point, what is a good material to use which is strong, doesn’t bend much and it fairly scratch resistant? (it needs to be about 150mmx540mm) 20180715_214212 20180715_174934 20180712_201401


Maybe carbon fibre, have a look on HobbyKing I think they sell plates

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i second @pat.speed. The easiest and nicest way is to reinforce your exsisting enclosure with CF.

dyed fiberglass, material is not the problem, the problem is the paint, but if the inside of the material is painted like dyed fiberglass your problem is solved

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cheers guys I’ll have a look at these

This is the enclosure I’m making right now… it uses fiberglass that’s dyed, like @Acido said… what this does is allows it to get scratched but even if it does, the resin is black, the fiberglass is stained, so it is going to stay looking black

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yeah I’ve got some black epoxy pigment which I’ll use as an over coat