Scratched sensor board, Maytech motor

So I just got in my brand new shiny Maytech 6374’s. Except one has a scratch on the green board on the inside of the motor. I currently don’t have a way to test these at the moment. I’d have to wait till later this week. Looks like it touches the trace a bit. The board has a tiny chip in it too. 20181023_203849 20181023_205504

The first thing I do with motors is take them apart and coat the sensor board with conformal coating so it’s waterproof. But I would seriously weigh whether doing that would void the warranty, I would check with the seller before taking it apart and scoping it out

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It’s ruined. I’ll take it off your hands for $10


Not sure if troll or serious about the ruined bit. I literally just got them in yesterday night.

Most of what I say are jokes. Sorry bud. I would contact seller

Nah it’s all good, I’m in the process of it now. Hoping I don’t have to pay return shipping back to China. Was looking to get this all swapped into my board this weekend too.

I know the feeling. Been waiting to get my first build together too

Fired an email off to Maytech. Now I await their response. On a positive note, I’m still waiting for my hoyt puck to ship so maybe I can get a replacement by the time that comes in… hopefully


Looks like it is a scratch on the solder bed so it might be ok.

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It definitely touches a trace and a small bit is chipped out of the side of it. If Maytech does’t offer a replacement I guess I’ll have to deal. Now in theory couldn’t I run these sensorless worst case?

Sensorless wont be a problem. But that would suck to cop the money for sensored motors only to have a factory defect forcing you to run sensorless. I would fire them up and see if they pass hall detection.

Well Agnes at Maytech was very swift with a reply. I currently don’t have the means of testing the motors now but I showed them the photos and asked them that should I encounter sensor problems when I test them can I expect a replacement? They just want a video of the issue if there is one and I should be good.


Thats the ticket. Wait and see if its defective then act. Maytech are good as long as you don’t open it up.