Screws to mount cover to the deck - where do I buy it [SOLVED]

How do you call this screws they used here:

and maybe someone know where do I buy it in EU.


(Threaded) wood insert nut I guess. Don’t know where to buy in EU, but there’s always aliexpress if you’re not in a hurry :slight_smile:

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Threaded inserts usually brass or stainless. They can be found at any hardware store

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Here is an example of what you can find in e-skateshop in EU :

But as @rexpepper651 says before, can be found in hardware store as well.


@Sebike @rexpepper651 @Slak Thank you guys!


@maciek if you have an option between brass or stainless go with stainless, brass is more brittle and more susceptible to chipping or breaking. if you do have to go with brass i recommend screwing your screw into your insert then screwing that into the enclosure to avoid breaking the brass insert.

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Good tip, thanks