SEAHAWK- Amano 33, 6372 motor, 7s2p 26650, BMS,switch DIY mount/ ESC

Amano longboard 36 trimmed to a 33 w/ Blue tape Enertion Caliber II clones Green ABEC 90mm Clones Torqueboard 120 HV 12s ESC Torqueboard V3 adjustable mount -black EMax 6374 motor 7s2p 26650 8000mAH pack with BMS/switch Laptop charger Torqueboard anti- spark and glowing push button Mini remote

Awesome ride with great acceleration and breaking. I can include freeride bindings for 80 more.

Selling for future endeavors…600 euros plus shipping.

Located in Madrid Spain

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What’s kv on motor

Ha that’s a BL-serie 5374 if I’m correct (outer diam is 63mm inner stator is 53mm) which should have around 190Kv.

Motor is reputed to be rock solid in R/C. No magnets or bearing issues.

I had 2x units like that few yeras ago, sold them unused to fund other parts.

May be one of your old ones if you are in France.

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I am, did it come from Nice by chance ? I sold them on E-S back in the days :wink:

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it was me…yep they ran great

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Glad to hear (and glad to see you again then) ! I kinda feel kindness toward your board now haha

And that’s a fair sale price for what’s under the hood.