Sealed maytech motor question

So the back of the motor looks sealed, but wouldnt debris/water easily get into this seam?


It will still work since the wires are insulated inside, and the sensors should be protected with some coating

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After 2 years of eMTB with them (they’re a bit custom by Overion 130kV but they’re maytech base), I’m really confident with them in any situation, condition or weather, WO any issue yet. As many of us. Now on my esk8, I ride under every weather if I want to ride.

You could always make a 3D lip and add a Vring if you feel the need, like riding on snow, or on the beatch … :wink: (I think I have saw Vring D63mm)


Also, I have set it in a more exposed way on my GF eDirt, here with the 1st motor for test (an APS) :


Wouldnt dirt and gunk eventually build up inside the motor and damage the insides like a tumbler?

the gap is too small for anything serious to get in, if you live near a metal working place some metal derbies could get sticked to the magnets but taking the motor apart and cleaning it is like a 10min job

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I don’t let time for this, immediately change for the closed one. And there is not so much inside.

But any prevent is better :wink: