Search 3D Print service with PETG | 210x45x315mm minimum

Hello, I am Pjotr from Belgium. I search a 3d print service for my enclosures. The enclosure must print in black PETG.

I could do it but shipping from the states to belgium would be killer. Do you have 3dHubs where you live?

Yes i have 3Dhubs but the price from them are really high… 250 euro’s :confused:

Price would be a killer? 22$ from the states to belgium with FedEx Economy?

If you can print the shipping label on your end with that membership you will save a lot of money. When shipping out of the states it goes by size and weight so the size of the box would drastically increase the price. But in Europe/Asia it’s only weight. So if you can print a weight only mailing label I can slap it on a box and send it to Belgium

I go see how its works. I don’t have experience with shipping world wide… How much will be the cost for printing?

maybe do that in china would be cheap, how many pieces you need?

For the first batch 1 but when the quality is good i want more pieces

Please upload the STL to Dropbox and send me the link… I’ll have to have a look before giving you an accurate price

I have found somebody from the EU. But also thanks that you would do that