Search spot welder in Leiden or Netherland

Hello guys I search someone with spot welder In leiden or neer… Amsterdam good too :wink:

Maybe it’s a good idea to use the search function? : D

Thanks a lot all Time when i search i find nothink😉

Either you didn’t search at all or you searched using wrong words.

Is it that hard? Lol

Ask @Tijmen

I (had) a spot welder until the mosfets decided to burn through… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m getting it fixed though! In a couple weeks it should be operational again. I’m in Amsterdam North

Heyy TIjmen.

Im also from the netherlands and need somebody that can build a battery pack for me. I see that you have experience with it. Is it maybe a possibilty that you can make one for me?

Cheers Kazim

p.s i live in amsterdam too

Yep! Spot welder is working flawlessly now and I’ve been making a lot of packs for people already

I’ll send you a PM!

Hey @Tijmen, I’m looking for a batterypack as well. If you still have room in your schedule to make one, could you send me a quotation for a 10s3p 30q (flat) pack with BMS?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sent you a PM!