Searching European Shop for DKP bushings

Hi there, I got some Flipsky DKP Trucks (15"). Now I’m searching for a Shop to buy some bushings to experiment with. Evolve had have a nice set with different shore rating PU’s. But it doesnt seem to be in programm anymore. Can anyone recommend a shop in EU?

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum, TuneRaw. I’m a rookie to esk8 but arent bushings interchangeable between different brands of trucks?

Maybe you could measure them and we can find some that are in stock in these crazy times.

These are my Trucks. Those bushings are about 1 inch in diameter. Since those aren’t metric, ich can only estimate the hight ist about 1/2 inch. I was hooping to find a set like in this video Should you buy the High Performance Bushing Kit from Evolve - Worth the money ? - YouTube There are no bushings in the flipsky Trucks that are conical, all of them are cylindrical. The conical ones from Evolve do not fit, I allready tried them. Since Flipsky doesn’t answer my mail, I believe even they don’t know what Shore type their stock bushings are made of. Why are these types of bushings are so expansive anyway? I found sets of 2 for 9€… I need 4 of them for each axis. In this shop I can get Ø25mm x 1m Polyurethan for 34€. That would be about 70 bushings. Means material prices (even for private customers like me) would be about 0,5€. Manufacture it, handle it, pack it and so on but I think 3€ should be more than enough. I’m getting close to buying PU per meter :smiley: At least it would be a way to get PU in various shore grades.

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