Searching for a 150a car ESC programmer

Hello again,

Thanks to all your replies on my other topics, really help me a lot.

I would like to program my xCar 150a ESC, but I have a really hard time to find one, that is compatible for 150amp and is recommended for a car ESC (1/8th scale) any recommendations?

have you tried this one:

It worked on both an ESC I bought from Hobbywing and a cheap chinese knockoff, which surprised me.


I ordered a goolrc lcd programming card from aliexpress for my xcar beast 150a - worked out of the box via the hobbyking pc software.

What brand ESC do you have?

Thanks for the replies

I would lile to buy this one;

I noticed that hk was selling xcar progrqmmer, but they can’t be back ordered any more…

Something like that?

And what software?

Yes exactly. There is a software available for download on the xcar beast store website that allows modification of the esc values directly from a user interface.

Alright! Thanks a lot.

Will I Need an apter from the ESC to the Computer and could you please link the Software Website I can’t seem to find it

No adapter needed - mine came with the mini usb cable. Software download should be on the esc store website in the international warehouse at the bottom where it says “files”

Edit: not the esc website but the programmer website.

Thanks a lot!

Did you get your ESC to work? Mine doesn’t seem to work with my alien power system motor out of the box. Do you need to program it for it to work?