Searching for a blank double kicktail longboard deck in Europe

Hey everybody!

feels nice to be part of the community and finally post something after such a long time of lurking.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I built my first build (7020 watt dual belt driven 10s3p) and I’m having a blast. Now I was thinking about switching my deck for something different. At the moment I’m using a cheap cruiser style deck, because I was eager to finsh the project and bought the first thing, that kind of matched my specs.

After a lot more research I found a style of deck, that I think would be better, namely the kind of deck, the raptor 2 is using. After some more research, I wasn’t able to find anything compareable, so I settled for searching for a stiff double kicktail style deck, so I could cut off one kicktail and have the exact style I want. Unfortunately the availability in Austria, Europe is quite bad and I couldn’t find anything reasonably priced. I also would like a blank deck (if possible bamboo) because I love the simplistic look of it with the black from my parts and the griptape. To get an idea, this is the kind of deck I’m looking for but available in central Europe for reasonable shipping.

Big thanks to everybody for the help :slight_smile:

tl;dr I need a blank double kicktail minimum 22 cm wide, 60 cm wheelbase stiff deck in Austria,Europe. Thanks for the help!

7020 watts???:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

think thats the motor watts added together, or he is pulling 95 amps per motor from a 3p

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Of course both motors combined. This is the site where I bought it, if you are interested. :wink: