Searching for a good enclosure for my reshaped Psycotiller drop downdeck

Well since the new unuseable enclosure I received (from Chrisfell) is a piece of shit I need to find a replacement that will fit my "Psycotiller"drop down deck (sorry I don’t know what else to call it.) I was never told what model it actually is by Chrisfell. I was actually supposed to receive a raw uncut deck straight out of the press but that’s not what happened and not what I got. So I don’t know what I got here really I don’t know what model is I don’t know what to call it but anyways. It is a slightly dropped down deck. Hopefully I FIND out what the actual model name of the deck is I don’t really know what to call it. So now I need to find an enclosure for it since this piece of s*** is unusable has major gaps in the front and back nowhere to mount the front and back part of it also it’s trash. Does anybody make an enclosure that would fit this deck or do I have to custom make one out of fiberglass myself?

It’s a vizzini drop. Told you this many times.