Searching for an ESC

I’m gathering the parts for my first ever electric longboard the ESC I was going to use was this: the only problem is that the specific unit is rated at 50A while my Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV is rated at 100A would this cause any damage to the ESC or is it just a matter of cooling?

The motor can only use what it needs, that esc motor combo will work fine. You’d way better off however using the 4.12 version. $10 more, from Flipsky but check ebay and other sources. It’s been bought for $50 before.

my bad, i wanted to buy it from and for some reason i wanted to link the flipsky site, here’s the one im going to buy: thanks for the help;))

Why not unity? :grin:. I have owned both of the fly sky mentioned and I would gladly pay a little more of all of the awesome unity features

But ya you can get 4.12’s on eBay for 50

That’s the right one, closer to the original BOM and pretty damn solid. Still shop around though!

Sounds like he has one motor. Also, the unity is literally twice the price :smiley:


Get a focbox then? :kissing_heart: