Searching for cheap Loaded Tesseract Deck alternatives

Hi there!

I am searching for nice decks for my electric skateboard and I got in Love with the Loaded Tesseract Deck.

But for me only for a deck this option is too expensive for me so I was searching for alternatives which from the style are similar to the Loaded Tesseract but I am overwhelmed with all these Dekcs/Longboards on the market.

So It would be helpful if I could gather as many alternatives to the Loaded Tesseract which are much cheaper…

So I’m asking you if you have any idea which Board/Deck could be on par with the Loaded Tesseract when it comes to the Style/looks.

Thank you very much in advance! Greetings from Germany Ron

Maybe this? It’s simple, but really cheap

I have a truncated tesseract which I may end up parting out. Don’t know how much shipping from Australia would be though but I’d be happy with $100 australian for it. so like 70 euro.

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High mate I’ll buy it off of you today, just reply and we can chat on it you’ll send pics of it cool?


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