Seattle - Tech Support Needed

Killing me… Every time I get cleared for flight, something else goes wrong with my Tramp/SCRAM. First it was a charger that burnt out (replaced by SCRAM eventually…) Then is was wired slightly disconnected from motor which made it run like 2 miles per hour on one motor (easy fix). Then it was a remote that wouldn’t charge($100 to replace…). Then is was a motor mount that fractured at the weakest point of the plate that happened to also have cut outs on it (designed obsolescence?).

And now, it’s a real mystery. Charged for a full 4 or 5 hours. Changed tires while charging… Turned on to check level of charge, and it briefly read 41.6V then turned off by itself. Pushed on again and nothing, tried again nothing, tried again turns on, displays 41.6v then cycles off. Will only stay on if charger is still plugged into it. One last bit of the puzzle… the charger slowly flickers between green and red led… why would it do that? Anyway, nice folks at SCRAM suggested I cut one of the resisters on my BMS. Ouch! I don’t want to disable anything that was originally engineered to support my battery health.

Anyone what to save the day? Suggestions?

Signed, Feeling out of my element.

Can you provide us with pictures? And also, I might be missing something but are you talking about your VESC turning off or some kind of voltage measuring device on your board?

I don’t know exactly. My guess is the vescs are fine, and it’s faulty switch or bms.

well… try to remove as many variables as possible. That means try removing one piece after another. First try to remove your BMS and see if that changes. Next switch and the last one that could be the problem is VESC or battery.

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I can remove the BMS and it will still work (if BMS was problem)?

Can you take a picture of the BMS or is it buried under shrink wrap?

Yes you can remove the BMS and if the problem does not occur you found the cause.

Ok, back in Seattle. Disassembled, inspected, reassembled electrical connections. Buttoned everything up. Didn’t actually see anything wrong, but when I powered it up again, it would stay on. Thankful for small miracles. And Thanks to all who jumped in to help. I Like the community.

Two good things have come out of this experience. First, I bought and kinda learned how to use a multimeter. That will come in handy. Second, I now want to build my own from scratch.